TECAR Therapy

TECAR Therapy aids to maximise recovery from pain and injury even in the deepest hardest to reach tissues. It is currently the number one electrotherapy globally in treating injuries and making its way over to the UK. 

These are extremely versatile machines that can help both acute and chronic injuries, involving a variety of different tissue types at various different frequencies depths.

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What is TECAR Therapy and How Does it Work?

Everything you need to know about TECAR Therapy in just over 3 minutes watch the video below.


Tecar Therapy involves passing a therapeutic radio-frequency electromagnetic current through the target tissues.

This speeds up the transportation of ionic substances especially water, sodium, potassium, calcium, chloride molecules thereby creating a therapeutic DEEP heating effect.

This increases blood flow and drainage, increases metabolic activity and positively influences cells involved in the healing and inflammatory response.

When do we use Tecar Therapy:

Tecar can be used in the treatment of all conditions but is particularly effective with chronic, deeper conditions such as arthritis and spinal stenosis due to the depth of output.

Watch the video below to see Tecar Therapy in action


Top condition to treat: Spinal stenosis, facet joint conditions (arthritic joints).We will often recommend Tecar Therapy for

  • arthritis of the spine,
  • arthritis of the knees,
  • arthritis of the hips and shoulders

As it helps to stimulate tissue healing around the disc and joints directly.

Patients not suitable IDD Therapy- if there have been reasons why we can’t carry out IDD therapy, Tecar therapy can be a very useful modality to relieve symptoms.

Find out more about IDD Therapy

A great combination of treatment using IDD/Tecar as they are different mechanisms that compliment each other:

Tecar with IDD Therapy - A Powerful Combination

IDD Therapy- mechanically decompresses the spine to create space for tissues to heal.

Tecar Therapy -works directly on tissue healing and stimulation to relieve stiffness and pain.

Frequently Asked Questions About TECAR Therapy

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Patients following a course Tecar Therapy:

Involves  6-8 sessions, 1-2 per week 

 Depending on the problem you suffer with, you might require a monthly top up treatment, as a form of pain management for chronic conditions. Since providing TECAR Therapy we’ve noticed that chronic conditions such as arthritic knees and long term back conditions (including mild spinal stenosis cases) have responded to TECAR where previously we were struggling to help these patients. 

Price List Tecar:

(Please note Initial Assessment is required before starting treatment)

1 Session


6 Course Sessions


Tecar & Osteopathy


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