How I got long term relief from a Spinal Disc bulge – case study

A herniated or ‘slipped disc’ is one of the most painful kinds of back pain affecting people’s lives. Ben came to see us in the clinic recently with this type of problem and with the correct diagnosis and treatment we were able to help him recover from his 1-year debilitating pain and get his life back on track. Here is Ben’s story…..

Ben’s problem:

Ben was working in the car industry and regularly had to lift heavy equipment. One particular day he recalled a very sharp pain which two days later caused a debilitating pain in his leg. Struggling to work or even sleep he contacted his GP who gave him strong medication. After struggling for many months and and using the services of Physiotherapist and Osteopath he was still in a great pain. Ben recalls;

‘The pain in my back and leg was so intense at times I had to lay down a lot. It was affecting my work and mood. I was starting to feel very depressed with no solution.’

Ben was able to get a MRI on the NHS and this revealed he had a spinal disc herniation at L4/5 level at the bottom of the spine. The disc was compressing on the spinal nerve and causing his sciatica symptoms.


IDD Therapy Herniated Slipped Prolapsed Disc 11 Harpenden Sports n Spinal
Picture showing a L4/5 disc bulge/herniation


Finding the right treatment……

Ben was keen to avoid spinal surgery or injections and had heard about IDD therapy when searching on the internet. Following a consultation with Ben we knew that IDD therapy would be a good option for him as he had a herniated disc and IDD uses tension forces that can decompress the disc and allow it to heal . We explained to Ben that this was his last option for non-invasive treatment before injections and surgery. We explained the process thoroughly and that he would need a minimum of 10 sessions and generally between 10-20 sessions is average needed most people to recover. With 3 out of 4 patients getting positive improvements he was keen to try this therapy.

Like all patients Ben was a little apprehensive about the treatment but he recalls,

‘The IDD treatment was very comfortable and as I lay on the couch, sometimes falling asleep, I felt a gentle pull in my back.’

How does IDD work….IDD therapy is a computer-controlled treatment which helps us to decompress the specific spinal segment where the disc is ‘slipped’ or herniated. The goal of IDD is to relieve muscle spasm, reduce or reverse disc bulging and gently stretch the tissues to free the movement in the spine.


AccuSPINA IDD Therapy Harpenden Sports n Spinal
IDD therapy



Following a 6-week course of treatment, Ben was completely pain-free. He took 12 sessions for all pain in his leg to resolve. Ben recalls,

‘I feel like a new man after this treatment. I wish I had found it sooner. I would highly recommend IDD therapy to anyone with sciatica and disc problems like mine.’

Ben now maintains new found movement in his spine doing daily back exercises. He is now pain free and enjoying his life again.If you, like Ben, are suffering from sciatica or have a known disc issue in your spine please feel free to contact the clinic,

Tel 01582 760444              [email protected]


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