A New Highly Advanced Treatment for Disc Problems

Gillian and Garry are very excited to announce that they have a very sophisticated tool, IDD therapy (Intervertebral Disc Decompression),  to help long suffering patients with spinal disc problems. They have joined a very prestigious number of clinics in the UK offering this therapy to help patients who may otherwise have considered injections and surgery for their back pain.

IDD Therapy Machine for Back Pain Treatment in Harpenden
IDD machine – decompressing patients spine

Who can benefit?

  • You have chronic back pain/neck pain or sciatica
  • You can no longer carry out normal daily activities
  • You are taking painkillers constantly
  • You are keen to avoid back surgery
  • You are looking for a long-term solution for your back pain relief


Why invest in the IDD therapy?

Garry and Gillian have been helping patients with spinal problems for many years using a more basic form of spinal decompression called traction. Many patients have had great relief and have built up an excellent reputation locally. They have invested in IDD machine as it uses specific computerised forces to segmentally target discs and joints in trouble.


We wanted the IDD Therapy treatment because it enables us to help patients who need something more to help their condition improve. With IDD Therapy, we now have a tool which enables us to do far more for our patients, with the aim to help them avoid going down the surgery route.

Patients will be fully assessed before embarking on a course of IDD treatments to check for suitability. Both Gillian and Garry can guide you whether this treatment would be suitable for you and explain fully the process. If you would like more information you can visit the website or call the clinic.

Gillian is offering a free 15 minute assessment to assess for suitability for IDD therapy.

Tel: 01582 760 444

Click Here to book your IDD Therapy Assessment



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