What can go wrong with the spinal discs?

The spinal discs can be the cause of some of the most painful back and nerve problems. They can be the offender of some of the most excruciating pain lasting for years in some people. So, why do they cause all this trouble?

Spinal discs are thought of as our ‘shock-absorbers’ of the spine cushioning the joints when we run, jump and move around. They are like fluffy pillows when we are young but by the time we reach aged 40+ they are starting the degenerative process and this means they are thinning. The disc thinning means the joints are coming closer together and stiffening our spines. The ‘normal’ disc and thinning degenerative disc can be seen below.

IDD Therapy Herniated Slipped Prolapsed Disc 09 Harpenden Sports n Spinal

So, what about the bulging disc and herniated disc?

The term disc bulge and herniated disc are terms used interchangeably and generally mean the same in that the disc has moved from its original position. If it presses on the spinal nerve it can cause sciatica in the lower back and leg. You can get the equivalent in the neck and affect the arm. This can be a very excruciating pain and very much affect quality of life.

How do I know what my discs are like?

We can have a good idea from taking a history of your symptoms and clinical testing of the back and spinal nerves. If we suspect a disc problem we may suggest an MRI of you spine which will tell us a lot about the condition of your spine and nerves.

Treatment is based on your assessment and we may suggest Osteopathy/physiotherapy and traction or IDD therapy, which is an advanced form of spinal decompression.

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